Respiratory Management


  • A device with S/T mode with target tidal volume feature for patients with respiratory insufficiency.
  • Target Tidal Volume Function: Optimize IPAP according to mean Vt of last 5 breathings and prescribed Target Vt.
  • Modes: CPAP, S, ST, T
  • Maximum work pressure: 30cmH2O

MEK MTV 1000

2 in 1, the device has HFNC/NIV interface and one button switching function.

  • Portable life support ICU-grade ventilator designed for transport and alternative care sites
  • Pediatric to adult patients
  • Invasive and non-invasive capabilities including high flow: up to critically acute care
  • Standard modes: PACV, PSIMV, VACV, VSIMV, Spont+/CPAP, PRVC, AutoVent, 02-Stream, Apnea back-up
  • Breathing Circuit Type: Dual Limb & Single Limb
  • Predicted Body Weight: 10-150kg (Volume mode), 150kg (Pressure mode)
  • PEEP: 0 to 50 cmH2O
  • CPAP: 0 to 50 cmH2O
  • lnspiratory Pressure: 0 to 80 cmH2O
  • lnspiratory Time: 0.2 to 9.9 second
  • Target tidal volume: 50 to 2500 ml
  • Respiratory rate: 2 to 120 BPM

MEK MV 2000

  • Display : 15 inches touch screen
  • For neonatal to adult
  • Modes:: V-ACV, V-SIMV, P-ACV, P-SIMV, Spont(CPAP), Apnea back-up ventilation, O2 stream®(High Flow), PRVC-SIMV, tBi-level, AwPRV, AutoVent, TCPL-AC, TCPL-SIMV, CPR
  • Tidal Volume : 2 – 2,500 mL
  • Ins. Pressure : 0 – 99 cmH2O
  • Pressure Support : 0 – 99 cmH2O, above PEEP Max. 99 cmH2O
  • Respiratory Rate : 0 – 150 BPM
  • PEEP / CPAP : 0 – 60 cmH2O
  • FiO2 : 21 – 100 %

BMC RV Series

2 in 1, the device has HFNC/NIV interface and one button switching function.

  • 2 in 1 one button switching the mode
  • Max Pressure 50 cmH2O
  • Multiple NIV modes (SVAPS, PCV, ST, CPAP )
  • Auto sensitivity
  • Therapeutic proposals preset
  • Dual protection
  • Front and rear bacterial filters
  • Device self-checking
  • AutoFlow and SmartFlow

Philips Trilogy 100

  • Portable life support ventilator designed for use in the home and alternative care sites
  • Invasive and non-invasive capabilities
  • For use in adults and children > 5 kg
  • Triggers: Auto-TRA sensitivity (only in passive exhalation port circuit), Adjustable flow triggers
  • Pressure modes: CPAP, S, S/T, PC, T, PC-SIMV
  • Volume modes: AC, CV, SIMV
  • Circuit configurations: Passive exhalation port circuit and Active exhalation valve circuit
    IPAP: 4-50 cmH2O
    EPAP: 0-25 cmH2O with active circuit
    4-25 cmH2O with passive circuit
    PEP: 0-25 cmH2O with active circuit
    4-25 cmH2O with passive circuit
    Pressure support: 0 -30 cmH2O
    Target tidal volume: 50 – 2000 ml
    Breath rate: Up to 60 BPM

Philips Trilogy Evo Ventilator

  • The next generation of the Philips Trilogy ventilator delivers proven performance in noninvasive (NIV) and invasive (IV) ventilation, and is designed to stay with your patients across changing care environments.
  • 15hr battery life
  • Trilogy Evo uses Bluetooth to send you patient and device data through Care Orchestrator, our cloud-based tool
  • Ventilation Modes: A/C-PC, A/C-VC, CPAP, PSV, S/T, SIMV-PC, SIM-VC, MPV-PC, MPV-VS
  • Oxygen
    Low flow: 0 -30 L/min; maximum 10psi
    High pressure: 280 to 600 kPa (41-87 psi)

Philips Dreamstation BiPAP AutoSV

  • For patients with central sleep apnea, complex sleep apnea and periodic breathing, DreamStation BiPAP autoSV is designed to deliver optimal ventilation with minimal intervention
  • Auto pressure support for periodic breathing
  • Auto back-up rate to treat central events
  • Auto EPAP for upper airways patency
  • Pressure range: 4 – 30cmH2O
  • Ramp time: 0 – 45 minutes (5-minute increments)

Philips Dreamstation BiPAP AVAPS

  • Adaptive therapy management with Digital Auto-Trak triggering and Automated Airway Management (AAM)
  • Modes: CPAP, S, S/T, PC, T modes, plus AVAPS-AE
    Ventilation Pressure: 4 – 30cmH2O
    EPAP: 4 – 25cmH2O
    CPAP: 4 – 20cmH2O
    Target Volume: 200 to 1500 ml per breath
    Max IPAP: 6cmH2O to 30cmH2O
    Min IPAP: EPAP plus 2cmH2O to 30cmH2O

Philips Dreamstation BiPAP ST30 AAM

  • DreamStation BiPAP S/T makes your patient’s care personal and their care plan efficient and effective
  • DreamStation algorithms automatically adjust to patient needs, and help them adjust to and continue to use therapy
  • DreamMapper application offers coaching and therapy engagement tools to support adherence.
  • Modes: CPAP, S, S/T
    Ventilation Pressure: 4 – 30cmH2O
    EPAP: 4 – 25cmH2O
    CPAP: 4 – 20cmH2O

Philips BiPAP A40 with Battery

  • BiPAP A40 is capable of non-invasive and invasive pressure ventilation
  • Provides increased support and autonomy to patients with its specially designed battery module
  • New AVAPS-AE mode to automatically adjust the delivered EPAP to maintain a patent airway
  • Triggering & cycling: Auto-TRAK, Sensitive Auto-TRAK, Flow triggering
  • Modes: CPAP, S, S/T, PC. T. AVAPS-AE
    IPAP: 4 – 40cmH2O
    EPAP: 4 – 25cmH2O
    Target Tidal Volume (AVAPS/AE): 200 – 1500 ml
    Breath Rate: 0 – 40 BPM (4 – 40 BPM in T mod

ResMed Lumis 150 VPAP ST with Humidifer

Resmed Lumis VPAP ST is a non-invasive ventilator designed for respiratory insufficiency. It is very easy to setup and use, additionally Lumis 150 is equipped with iVAPS mode alongwith advanced tehnology and features. The following are the few features available in Lumis 150 VPAP-

IVAPS Mode: The device includes an Intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support (iVAPS) mode that learns a patient’s unique alveolar ventilation, sets appropriate targets, and provides smooth pressure support to suit their needs.

TiControl allows you to set minimum and maximum limits on either side of the patient’s ideal inspiratory time to encourage spontaneous breathing. Intelligent Backup Rate (iBR) – It gives patients the maximum opportunity to trigger the ventilator and adds backup breaths to comfortably bring patients back to target. Auto Humidification and Climate control: The device comes with an integrated heated humidifier and ClimateLineAir heated tube that automatically maintains the humidity level in the delivered air, helping to prevent dryness in the airways and improving patient comfort.

Ramp Up and Down – Lumis has both features Ramp up and down for smoothly ease into and out of the therapy VSync – It provides excellent patient-ventilator synchrony even with significant leak present. Cloud Connectivity – The device is built-in with wireless capabilities that allow for remote monitoring and data tracking through the cloud-based ResMed AirView. This allows for easy and convenient access to therapy data and patient management

What’s in the Box BiPAP Device Heated Humidifier ClimateLineAir Heated Tubing Power Adapter & Cable SD card Travel Bag User Manual​

ResMed Lumis 150 VPAP STA with Humidifer

  • Designed for people with respiratory conditions that affect breathing such as restrictive lung disorders, severe COPD and hypoventilation
  • The Lumis 150 VPAP ST-A comes with alarm functions for added safety
  • Ramp Down feature lets you gradually reduce pressure support for a comfortable transition to spontaneous breathing
  • IntelligentAir auto-adjusting therapy modes: iVAPS, iBR, AutoEPAP to ensure appropriate ventilation is delivered, even when your respiratory rate changes
  • Modes: CPAP, S, ST with optional iBr, PAC, iVAPS with iBR and optional AutoEPAP
    Pressure: 2 – 25cmH2O (2-25 hPa) in S, T, ST, PAC and iVAPS
    4 – 20cmH2O (4-20 hPa) in CPAP mode

ResMed Astral 100 APAC2

ResMed Astral 100 ventilator has been designed for greater freedom and mobility. It weighs only 7.1 lbs (3.2 kg), and thanks to the combination of its internal and external batteries, it’s able to deliver an impressive 24-hour total run-time. You can now plan and enjoy day-to-day activities beyond your home or hospital room, knowing Astral will be with you every step of the way.

Key features: ResMed Astral 100 connectivity to AirView: ResMed’s connectivity module will enable your care provider to access key data in the cloud to better manage and improve your care, all within ResMed’s secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud network. iVAPS: ResMed’s intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support mode is a unique algorithm that adjusts to a patient’s respiratory rate, targets alveolar ventilation and automatically adjusts pressure support as needed to accommodate each patient’s unique needs, even as their disease progresses. iVAPS is indicated for patients weighing more than 66lbs (30kg). Convenience in motion. ResMed Astral 100’s mobility bag features a transparent panel that makes the screen fully visible and accessible, and includes straps to wear over the shoulder or mount onto wheelchairs. Discreet performance. ResMed Astral 100 is extremely quiet at just 35 dBA, making life more peaceful for you and others. Ease of use. ResMed Astral 100 is designed with an intuitive interface, user-friendly menus and easy operation, helping make ventilation support straightforward and efficient. Suitable for pediatric use. Because a child’s ventilation needs are different, Resmed has designed a whole system for pediatric care: ResMed Astral 100 Resmed Pixi™ pediatric mask (designed especially for children).

Weight: 3,2 kg Dimensions: 285 mm x 215 mm x 93 mm

ResMed Astral150

  • Astral 150 provide personalized care every step of the way with both invasive and non-invasive options.
  • Provides up to 8 hours of backup power with external battery
  • Connect your Astral Ventilator with our remote monitoring system, ResMed AirView thru ResMed Connectivity Module (RCM)
  • Therapy:
    Valve Circuit: CPAP, (A)CV, P(A)CV, P-SIMV, V-SIMV, PS
    Leak Circuit: CPAP, (S)T, P(A)C. iVAPS and optional AutoEPAP
    Mouthpiece: (A)CV, P(A)CV, PS/SVt
  • Delivered Pressure (cmH2O):
    Leak Circuit: 2 – 50
    Valve Circuit: 0 – 50
  • Delivered tidal volume (ml)
    Adult: 100 – 2500
    Pediatric: 50 – 300
  • Respiratory rate:
    Adult: Off, 2 – 50 bpm
    Pediatric: Off, 5 – 80 bpm

ResMed Stellar 150 Asia Pac G2

Stellar 150 non-invasive ventilator Stellar 150 is ResMed’s premium non invasive ventilator (with invasive capabilities) for patients with changing ventilatory needs or progressive respiratory conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), neuromuscular disease (NMD) and obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS). Easy to set up and use, Stellar 150 carefully strikes a balance between providing clinicians with pre programmed settings that make their job easier, and the opportunity to fine-tune settings when needed to suit each individual patient – a versatile system with its end user in mind. With intelligent backup rate and optional AutoEPAP feature, iVAPS in Stellar 150 continuously monitors ventilation and the upper airway and automatically adjusts to deliver personalised ventilation that accomodates each patient’s changing needs

Key Features – iVAPS AutoEPAP maintains upper airway patency intelligent Backup Rate (iBR) Pathology defaults for obstructive, restrictive, obesity hypoventilation and normal lung mechanics Invasive and non invasive, adult to peadiatric usage In built battery back up upto 2 hours 2 customizable pre set programs Vsync TiControl 5 Trigger and Cycle Senstivities Oxygen delivery upto 30 L/min Comprehensive range of alarms Real time monitoring and multiple graphs Integrated SpO2 and FiO2 monitoring Integrated Humidification​